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The Utah National Guard said in a statement that it had confirmed there had been unauthorized and “limited filming with Guard personnel and equipment” at the Guard's Camp Williams in the Salt Lake Valley.

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He doesn’t want to stop the flights because it then moves the issue squarely to that of closing the Southern border, an issue that has been a Dem/Repub battleground issue for years. An Ebola scare at the Southern border could tip the scales in American minds, and I’m sure this terrifies some on the left.

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In this paper learn why HP has the ability to provide integrated security not just for their printers, but across the entire organisational spectrum including servers, storage, networking, personal computers, and tablets. This breadth of software, hardware and services is what makes HP unique in the security market. Learn more...

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"One-off behaviours, like seeking care for a sick child, appear to have increased as a result of the campaign; for daily behaviours like hand washing and child feeding practices, the campaign seems to have had little or no impact so far."

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The mandate has already taken effect and there is no reason for clerks to delay issuance of licenses. They are barred from enforcing that putrid ban any longer and they need not await further word from the AG. There is no ban

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. (AP) -- An unprecedented playoff run has Kansas City baseball fans declaring it's time to party like it's 1985, the year the Royals beat St. Louis for their only World Series title.

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Obese adolescents had higher blood pressure readings than thinner participants. The blood pressure readings were still within normal limits, however. Obese participants also had more “bad” LDL cholesterol and less “good” HDL cholesterol than the non-obese kids.

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Dr. Zieve: Flu is a contagious respiratory illness. Flu patients often comment that they feel like they've been hit by a truck – it's an unpleasant illness.And it is potentially dangerous, too.Complications of flu include bacterial pneumonia, dehydration, and worsening of chronic conditions, such as congestive heart failure, asthma or diabetes.

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In 1987, the red wolf made history in eastern North Carolina, when four mating pairs were released into the Alligator River National Wildlife Refuge. It was the first species determined to be extinct in the wild to be reintroduced outside of captivity.

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New England (5-2), playing its first game since Pro Bowl middle linebacker Jerod Mayo was lost for the season with a torn patella in his right knee, allowed the New York Jets (1-6) to churn out 218 yards on 43 carries in the Patriots' white-knuckle 27-25 win Thursday night in Foxborough.

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The Radical Nude, which opens at the Courtauld on Wednesday, allows us once more to consider this aspect of Schiele’s appeal. His provocative drawings spring, it suggests, partly from Schiele’s interest in the human form, his theatrical assumption of poses and guises, and the way he asked his models to do the same.

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