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The PBOC has so far held back from a deeper across-the-board easing such as a reduction of bank reserve requirement ratios (RRR) that would result in a big, sustained upward adjustment to the base money supply. Some economists question how long it can rely on short-term targeted tools to keep credit flowing.

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For that matter, let’s ban all fast-food joints and vending machines, as they contribute to obesity; and why not limit car ownership to essential users, as the automobile causes too much pollution.

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But, in an extraordinary oversight, this newspaper can disclose officials conducted no analysis of the economic dangers to a separate Scotland that would follow if the Chancellor made good his warning there would be no formal deal to share the pound.

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"But there is a danger in making this kind of case. It ratchets up expectations that can't be met or at least can't be proven and creates demand from Government for further efforts to steer or concentrate fundamental research funding and to maximise 'impact'," he said.

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Of the initial 30 patients, 27 were in complete remission by the one-month mark, but seven relapsed over a period ranging from 6 weeks to 8.5 months after treatment. Twenty three were alive at the six-month mark. Five of the 23 left the study to receive other treatments, including stem cell transplantation.

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Cutrale-Safra will walk away from the deal if Chiquitashareholders vote for a planned merger with Irish rival FyffesPlc at a special meeting on Oct. 24, said the source,who requested anonymity because the matter is private.

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Klain replaces U.S. Centers for Disease Control andPrevention (CDC) director Thomas Frieden - who was stronglycriticized for his handling of the situation in Dallas, wherethe two nurses contracted the disease from Duncan - as the newpublic face of the government's response to Ebola.

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