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TALLADEGA, Ala. (AP) — Matt Kenseth would not change anything about his actions in a post-race scuffle with Brad Keselowski at Charlotte, where tempers flared as several drivers slipped to the edge of elimination in NASCAR's championship race.

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"All sailors would be advised of the zero-tolerance policies when reporting aboard," said Capt. Jack Hanzlik, who commands the Navy Public Affairs Support Element based in Norfolk. "And they would be advised of the testing practices of the organization, as well."

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In a report titled “Surveillance and Preparedness for Ebola Virus Disease,” the CDC reported that as of Oct. 6 the city’s Department of Health and Mental Hygiene identified 88 people who arrived in the city from the hardest hit African countries and had suspicious symptoms.

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Thirteen years in the making, the museum is the brainchildof Bernard Arnault, the chief executive and founder of LVMH. France's richest man envisioned a bold new piece ofarchitecture in the capital that would tie the world's largestluxury group with the cutting edge of art and design.

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"Stroke survivors currently face chronic service deficits - one in three have no access to physiotherapy and half can't get any speech and language therapy or occupational therapy. Just 11% have access to psychological services despite the often severe mental health impact of stroke and 36% pay privately for rehabilitation," Mr Dempsey said.

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"They are under the control of the state of Libya and thegovernment approved by the Libyan parliament," he said,referring to the elected House of Representatives, which hasmoved to Tobruk, east of Bayda near the Egyptian border.

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The budget also increases the tax rate on income from financial investments and pension funds, meaning the net result of the overall tax changes is more complex than portrayed by the 39 year-old former mayor of Florence.

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"Looking ahead to 2015, we're once again planning for a slowgrowth macro environment, but expect to continue deliveringstrong earnings growth," Chief Executive David Cote said in astatement on Friday.

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"Depending on the final level of the impairment charge, plusthe extent of a likely loss in Q3, shareholders' funds may wellbe wiped out and could even end up slightly negative," saidBMO's Robson.

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Troubling signs of a slowdown in Germany, Europe's biggest economy, have rattled investors in recent weeks. Also, Germany's resistance to using economic stimulus puts it at odds with the European Central Bank and its European neighbors. That contributed to a slide in European markets over the last month. The declines were even more pronounced in countries on the periphery of Europe, which have borne the brunt of the region's long-simmering government debt problems, such as Greece and Portugal. Greece was especially hard hit by fears that its government could collapse, jeopardizing its exit from bailout loan programs. Greece's long-term borrowing costs rose sharply, a signal that investors are more worried about its ability to pay its debts.

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Fed Governor Daniel Tarullo has condemned the latitude thatinternational capital rules known as Basel III give banks to usetheir own models, and wants to rely more on the stress tests,the Fed's own yardstick of bank health.

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