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Scientists now have over 50 years of gray whale population figures, allowing them to compare upcoming census figures to historical population size, migration patterns and timing. As climate change reshapes the Arctic, they can also return to these figures to see if there is any impact on population numbers or lifestyle.

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The annex alleges Somali-Canadian businessman Ganjabcultivated ties with al Shabaab for years as he built a web ofconnections to boost his power within Somalia's political andsecurity establishments.

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It was Ivy Baker Priest, former treasurer of the United States, who once said, “I’m often wrong, but never in doubt.” It is worth remembering the line now as you think of the conga line of famous doctors, led by Tom Frieden of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, who kept assuring us they knew everything there was to know about transmission of the Ebola virus.

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This year, Tour d’Afrique, a four-month cycling trip from Cairo to Cape Townare expecting only 25 participants, instead of the 40 that usually sign up. With the increased international attention on Ebola, Shanny Hill, the marketing manager for the cycling company,fears their numbers could be even more dire. “Our final payment deadline for this tour is in just a few days and Ebola is all over International news right now,” said Hill. “We have the potential to lose a few hundred thousand dollars if things get worse, and for a company of only 8 full-time staff, that’s a huge loss of income.

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The Category 2 hurricane was packing sustained winds of upto 110 miles per hour (175 kph), down from 140 miles per hour(225 kph) earlier in the day, but remained a dangerous storm,the forecasters said. Hurricane force winds extended up to 60miles (95 km) from its center.

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Armed with only their shared experience of the Rwandan genocide, a borrowed battered guitar, random percussion and voices locked in beguiling harmony, they sing in the Kinyarwanda language at weddings and funerals.

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“We reached out to a number of teams, including the Jets,” Revis told the Daily News over the summer. “(The Jets) didn’t respond back. That was the situation. There are no hard feelings. It is what it is. I don’t know what the problem is with that situation.”

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The request, via an emailed letter seen by Reuters, comes after the country's public accounts committee ordered an investigation of Thapa, an Asian Football Confederation (AFC) vice president, over what it said was alleged embezzlement of funds.

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The same goes for a strategy to deal with the Islamic State group. Republican war hawks have screamed bloody murder that Obama hasn’t been aggressive enough against the Islamic State group. But what is the GOP plan for fighting the Sunni terrorist group? Would the GOP call for American ground troops to combat the Islamic State group in Iraq and Syria? Would the Republican Party make cuts in Social Security and Medicare benefits to fund a ramped-up war effort. That’s what the GOP would do but the party doesn’t want to say so, so close to Election Day.

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"As a result, the upcoming elections are unlikely to advance a genuine democratic transition in Egypt. Both Egyptian civil society and international organisations face an increasingly restrictive environment that hinders their ability to conduct credible election observation."

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Nearly 200 officials gathered Friday to dedicate a new data visualization lab where ultra-sophisticated computers will process data allowing researchers to understand the lake’s past and present condition so steps can be taken to improve water quality for future generations to come.

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He is one of 24 kids in Arizona who have tested positive for enterovirus, and state officials are testing to see if it was the specific D68 strain that killed him. It will take several weeks to get those results.

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Despite repeated warnings from the World Health Organization that travel bans will only worsen the suffering of Ebola-hit countries, some U.S. lawmakers are calling for a ban on travel from West Africa.

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Zuccarello deflected Dan Girardi’s point shot before Brassard tipped his goal past Carolina goalie Anton Khudobin (33 saves). Brassard said Vigneault’s moves “gave us momentum.” Nash called the shakeup “a great coaching move.”

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Draghi went ahead with his part: the ECB announced in September it would buy bundles of bank loans, a way of stimulating the flow of credit to businesses. In June, it also offered cheap, long term loans to banks on condition they lend the money on to companies. And Draghi has said the ECB is open to the more drastic step of buying large amounts of bonds to increase the amount of money in the financial system — so-called quantitative easing, or QE.

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The Cuban medical personnel undergo three weeks of trainingat the Pedro Kouri Tropical Medicine Institute on the outskirtsof Havana, where health officials set up a field hospital oftents to simulate conditions in West Africa.

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Blackstone's Dutch corporate services firm Intertrust,Carlyle's British dentistry chain Integrated Dental Holdings, Eurazeo's French linen provider Elis and Scout24,a German online classifieds group owned by Blackstone andHellman & Friedman, now look more likely to go to market in2015, several sources familiar with the deals have said.

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The other big question is whether gas supplies to western Europe from Russia, via Ukraine, will continue unchecked through the winter. Any interruption would deal another blow to already struggling EU economies. On Thursday, Putin threatened to cut gas supplies to Europe if Ukraine steals from the transit pipeline to cover its own needs.

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