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On Friday, for example, the U.S. military said one of its six airstrikes overnight in Syria hit several IS petroleum storage tanks and a pumping station — sites that are central to the militants' ability to resupply their forces and generate revenue. Likewise, it said two coalition airstrikes in Iraq damaged or destroyed IS military targets near the contested town of Beiji, home of Iraq's largest oil refinery.

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Two teachers made the difference. ‘My English teacher, Mr Kimberley, decided to do a school production of The Wizard of Oz, and I was cast as the Cowardly Lion. I basically copied Bert Lahr, but made him a bit camper. On my first line I got a big laugh. I waited, spoke again, and got another one. I thought, that’s interesting.

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“The reality of the TV world is that they move too slowly. We are the new generation: we move at the speed of the internet and we need to move at the speed of the internet. But the TV world has not learned to move that way yet.

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The three include Thomas Eric Duncan, the first persondiagnosed with the disease in the United States, and two nurseswho were on the team of health workers caring for Duncan untilhis death last week.

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One protester at a rally in Acupulco said: “People are fed up and the drug gangs have already infiltrated all government institutions. They are in charge, they say what what happens or what doesn’t.”

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Harvin has battled a thigh injury and was listed as questionable for the Seahawks' game at St. Louis this weekend. The Seahawks have tried to find a variety of ways to use him in their offense as a runner, receiver and on special teams, but injury woes slowed their plans.

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The decision, published early on Saturday morning, was unsigned and did not provide a supporting legal argument. Justice Ginsburg, joined by Justices Sotomayor and Kagan from the court's liberal wing, penned a six-page dissent.

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The geological timescale of the Earth, as defined by the International Geological Congress, is divided into units, the longest of which are periods, then epochs and ages. Scientists measure them by studying such things as fossils and rock layers.

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Matt Rogers, global produce coordinator for Whole Foods, said the "responsibly grown" program is major push toward eliminating the use of certain pesticides that studies have indicated can be harmful to farm workers and children born to mothers exposed to them.

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No, first unarmed separatists declared their own state after a referendum. Then unelected Ukrainian government moved in the military. Then the separatists took up arms. Then the military bombed and shelled the rebel cities where most of the 3 600 people have died.

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The American health-care system’s failure to prepare for Ebola became even more terrifyingly evident with the revelation that a Dallas nurse traveled by air after treating a patient who ultimately died from the virus.

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"Based on the findings of the September 5, 2014 survey, Yorkville Endoscopy LLC no longer meets the requirements for participation as a supplier of services in the Medicare program," the letter obtained by the Daily News said.

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It was, however, a close-run thing. Twenty years ago, his father, the 11th Duke, launched a legal action to deprive his son of his mind‑blowing birthright. Relations between the pair soured – the Duke famously described his son’s first wife, kindergarten teacher Becky Few Brown, as “a filthy little scrubber” after she posed for Tatler in stockings and a camisole.

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The toll on the worst-hit countries has gone beyond the illness, because of disruptions to farming and marketing. The World Food Program said food prices in Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone had risen by an average of 24 percent, forcing some families to cut back to just one meal a day.

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The 80-year-old billionaire, whose family made its fortune off the back of the recipe for Campbell's condensed soup, has snagged a $5 million apartment at a park-facing co-op building at 1 E. 66th St., records show.

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The snow storms were whipped by the tail end of a cyclone that hit the Indian coast a few days earlier. The weather has since improved and sunny skies and calm wind conditions were helping the rescue efforts.

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