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In a statement, the medical examiner's office said Friday that the 32-year-old woman died Oct. 5. That's the day her family told police that the Native American actress was suicidal. Relatives reported her missing the next day. The medical examiner said the cause and manner of death are pending investigation.

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She added: "It is clear that, currently, most people saving for a pension don't understand all the vital issues, and it's really important that they receive impartial help to make the best decisions for themselves.

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Elsewhere, two brothers from the Fukushima area of Japan, which suffered radiation contamination from the nuclear reactors damaged by a tsunami in 2011, were serving soup cooked by their mother made with radishes from the area that they say are safe.

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Not mentioned is that one’s salary is also determined on the basis of years of service or seniority. Senior staff members with 20-30 years of service will earn more than Fed Chairman Yellen. Salary structures are sometimes subjective especially in private companies where actuarial salary tables are not practiced. An office secretary for example could earn more than a manager. It creates havoc when that company is acquired by a publically traded company. Government jobs are very lucrative today and no longer considered positions of last resort as it was when I graduated from B-School.

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Also an avid contemporary art collector, Pinault envisioned a museum built on a former Renault plant in nearby Boulogne Billancourt. Delays and bureaucratic red tape hindered the project, however, and he eventually opted for Venice, where the Palazzo Grassi now holds the Pinault collection.

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“I love California casual Michele Bachmann,” McCain says. “We don’t have enough Republicans on my show, that’s my one problem with the show, because we’re in L.A. and there are no Republicans in L.A.”

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--WR Danny Amendola had easily his best game of the season in helping the Patriots hang on to beat the Jets on Thursday night. Amendola caught the game-winning 19-yard touchdown pass on third-and-goal midway through the fourth quarter, his only catch of the day. The receiver also recovered the Jets' onside kick attempt later in the quarter as well as contributing on special teams with his first four kickoff returns of the season for a 26.3-yard average.

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"The app can act as a ‘physio-on-your-phone' to encourage AS patients to undertake regular exercises, as instructed by their physiotherapist, to help improve AS symptoms in the long-term. It can also benefit those living in areas of the country with limited access to fitness or health amenities," the ASAI said.

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Though this has no impact on the human eye, it does have major implications in physics, especially at the point of reflection where the opposite incoming and outgoing electrical fields produce a canceling effect.

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Frieden had said that “the care of Ebola can be done safely, but it is hard to do it safely.” Meaning: In theory, it’s easy; in practice, very dangerous. Unfortunately, that’s not what he said on Day One.