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Nadella again apologized for his remarks last week at a women-in-computing conference, where he suggested that women don't need to ask for raises and should just trust that the system will pay them what they're worth. The comment drew immediate criticism, although Nadella later said he was repeating advice that he'd been given in his own career.

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The White House appointments came as Obama faced criticismfrom some lawmakers over his administration's efforts to containthe hemorrhagic virus and as widening Ebola fears kept a U.S.cruise ship out of a Mexican port.

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Time and again she proves that she's got an eye for what the people want and glamorous dresses always feature highly. But her version of the much-adored LBD is a stand out piece from the third phase. Featuring mesh sleeves and embellished details, this bodycon beauty has got party season written all over it

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Fracking for so called “tight oil” involves the expensive process of cracking open shale rock formations deep underground and then pumping fluid and sand into the fractures under high pressure to force out the thick low quality crude.

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The center, which will be developmed by former Deutsche Bank executive Kevin Parker and run by NHL great Mark Messier, will invest roughly $350 million in private funds into the redevelopment of the 750,000-square-foot site on W. Kingsbridge Road, which has been vacant since 1996.

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“While possible, it is likely that these rotator cuff injuries would be due to a combination of factors including general overuse and impingement from biomechanical flaws within a pitcher’s throwing mechanics,” he said.

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Currently JBS's JBS Foods SA, cellphone tower operator T4UHolding Brasil SA and machinery and heavy vehicle rental companyOuro Verde Locao e Servio SA have placed a request with theCVM to list their shares.

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Matt Eagan, a portfolio manager at Loomis Sayles, said his bond funds have been repatriating cash back to the United States to avoid getting charged on bond interest payments that might otherwise be parked at a European bank.

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The Norwegian government, which owns a 36.2 percent stake inYara, said in June it would not cut its stake below 34 percent.Any change in that stance would likely require approval inparliament, which could be fraught as the government does nothave a majority.

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The latest hurricane forced NASA to delay by at least three days its next cargo run to the International Space Station, which flies about 260 miles (418 km) above Earth because key tracking equipment is on Bermuda.

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In a statement earlier in the day, Cutrale-Safra said it was submitting a letter to Chiquita's board confirming its offer will be binding through Oct. 26, two days after Chiquita shareholders will vote on the merger with Fyffes.