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On the same day, US marines and sailors are seen boarding a plane in Spain to deploy to West Africa as part of international efforts to contain Ebola, which has so far killed more than 4,000 people this year...

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* The process was finalised after Telenor received approvalfrom the Indian government's Foreign Investment Promotion Board(FIPB) to increase its stake from 74 per cent to 100 per cent. Source text for Eikon: Further company coverage: (Reporting by Gwladys Fouche, editing by Terje Solsvik)

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Because of StubHub’s generosity, some of the money donated on the GoFundMe page will go toward paying Noah’s medical bills, and the family is working on other ideas on how to use the rest, with one being donating it to other sick children.

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“There’s a lot to think about just because those players . . . are really, really good players. They all do good things. So it’s not so much about trying to pick which one of those guys is the best player, (it’s) really which one of those is the best for the balance of our team,” Fisher said following Tuesday’s win over Philadelphia in Syracuse. “In some ways, that will still be a question mark for a little while.

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“He appreciates me continuing my big-league career,” Magadan said. “It’s almost 30 years now I think he’s proud of that. Certainly, him being a Yankee through and through, he’d like it.”

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The U.S. has not instituted a travel ban in response to a disease outbreak in recent history. The experts insist now is not the time to start, especially given that the disease is still extremely contained in the U.S. and the only people who have caught it here are two health care workers who cared for a sick patient who later died.

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Since Colorado and Washington this year became the first U.S. states to allow recreational sales of pot to adults, much of the public debate has focused on marijuana-infused products such as chocolates, cookies and candies, given their potential to attract children or be eaten accidentally.

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If it proves feasible, Lockheed's work would mark a key breakthrough in a field that scientists have long eyed as promising, but which has not yet yielded viable power systems. The effort seeks to harness the energy released during nuclear fusion, when atoms combine into more stable forms.

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A state holiday in Alaska meant gay couples would not be able to apply for marriage licenses there until Monday, nor were marriages expected to immediately proceed in Wyoming thanks to a temporary stay on the judge's ruling in order to provide the state time to pursue an appeal.

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Gonzalo swept by the eastern Caribbean earlier this week, claiming one life in the Dutch territory of St. Maarten. The hurricane center said the storm was generating large swells that could cause dangerous surf on portions of the U.S. southeast coast and those conditions would spread northward along the East Coast during Saturday.

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Elsewhere, Tua realizes that she’s been led astray, resulting in a brief droid-on-droid conflict between R2 and Chopper. A squad of Stormtroopers arrive at the bay before the Ghost crew can make their escape.

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David: For me it was both my grandparents fought in the war, my uncle and stuff. And I was in the Navy. So it was always kind of personal to me. There was always like a family piece to it. The more I learned about it, it’s always shown as this very sort of black and white, morally righteous event, and it was. I mean it was good versus evil. But for the guys fighting in the trenches, I mean it was brutal. It was just murky. That’s what I wanted to show, that the outcome was wildly positive, but there was this still this incredible price the guys paid, the soldiers paid. That price has resonated through families ever since.

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John Allen, US President Barack Obama's envoy for the coalition against IS, recently said the battle to retake Mosul, Iraq's largest jihadist hub, could take up to a year to plan, adding it would demand as much preparation as possible.

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Dubus’ novels include “House of Sand and Fog,” which was made into an Oscar-nominated movie. He is also the son of writer Andre Dubus II, whose troubled family life was a major element of "Townie."

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