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Kavakos is a deeply serious man, fond of quoting Plato on the ethical value of music. Yuja Wang is... well, to say she has a taste for shopping and eye-poppingly short skirts makes her seem trivial, which she certainly isn’t. But she enjoys a good time, musically speaking, and her musicality comes alive most in leaping, virtuoso music that tests her wiry frame to the limit. The deep-brown, melancholy tangle of Brahms seemed a million miles from her nature.

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The 32-year-old Native American actress was reported missing by her father on Oct. 6, after she was last seen walking by herself from an apartment the day before near Auburn, some 20 miles south of Seattle, Auburn Police Commander Steve Stocker said.

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The WHO said in a statement that it would not comment on an internal document cited in an Associated Press story on Friday, saying it was a first draft that had not been fact-checked and was "part of an on-going analysis of our response".

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When Rawia fled her village, she arrived at the camp with her husband and children carrying only her jerry can and a small amount of food wrapped in a cloth. It took her several days before she was reunited with her parents, brothers and sisters. "My mother recently passed away, and we have buried her here in the camp," says the 32-year-old mother of four. "We could not take her back home for burial because we still receive news of fighting; my heart is heavy because of this."

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The weekly magazine Shukan Shincho reported that two political support groups in Obuchi's constituency had spent some 26 million yen ($245,600) on theater tickets for her backers in 2010 and 2011. Major newspapers also followed up on the allegations made by the magazine.

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This week, the Pentagon issued a report assessing the immediate dangers of climate change. The military is no longer treating global warming as a theoretical threat in the distant future that will loom only after the glaciers have melted.

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Acting Canadian Sub. Lt. Ron MacDougall said the Simushir, which is about 440 feet (135 meters) long, was carrying "a range of hydrocarbons, mining materials and other related chemicals." That included 400 tons of bunker oil and 50 tons of diesel.

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The Ebola outbreak in West Africa, and its arrival in the United States, is the latest in a cascade of crises that have stretched Obama’s national security staff thin. As the White House scrambled to stop the spread of Ebola beyond a handful of cases, officials were also grappling with an escalating military campaign against the Islamic State, the specter of a new Cold War with Russia over Ukraine, and the virtual disintegration of Yemen, which has been a seedbed for al-Qaida.

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"And with the economy operating at normal capacity utilisation, Germany is not in need of stimulus either -- and this will remain the case with the revised forecasts that still foresee growth in line with potential," he added.

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In Miami Gardens, Mrs. Obama, whose appearance is a sign of the race's importance to national Democrats, urged more than 1,000 supporters who were packed into a recreational gymnasium to summon the energy and enthusiasm they brought to her husband's presidential campaigns in 2008 and 2012.

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Worries over a new round of debt troubles, spurred by theimpact of a lack of growth and inflation on government finances,have driven much of the past week's selling. But it all comes inthe context of the end of the Fed's programme of bond-buying, todate planned for this month.

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Following the leaders’ private meeting in Milan, Poroshenko said: “First, all sides must firmly follow the Minsk memorandum and will concentrate efforts on how to implement all 12 points without exception.

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“I just want to tell stories, I want to be part of it, I want to do it in different ways and follow the interest, the passion, the emotion, be inspired, be inspiring, get inspired, man” he enthused.

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The confirmed cases have been reported in every health authority in the province and the range of patient age is less than one year old to more than 80. It is also noted that two-thirds of the confirmed cases are of male.

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“I went into my route and then I turned and I went to locate the ball,” he said. “And then as soon as I went to make a play on the ball, before I even jumped I just felt it pop and then not even knowing where the ball was I barely went up and then grabbed my knee on the way down. I felt a pop, which is something I never felt before in my life.”

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ABUJA, Nigeria (AP) — Nigeria's government said Islamic extremists from Boko Haram have agreed to an immediate cease-fire, but many people expressed doubts Friday about a development that could end an insurgency that has killed thousands and left hundreds of thousands homeless in Africa's most populous nation.

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