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They wanted to compare published warming rates, based on the sparse temperature data recorded directly from southern waters, with what could be predicted based on more detailed observations in the north, together with climate models and precise sea-level measurements.

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Samaras has blamed Syriza party for stoking instability and prompting the market turmoil. But Syriza's leader Alexis Tsipras fired back on Saturday, saying the markets would not calm down until Greece found a viable solution for its debt woes.

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The play’s appeal has traditionally been seen as a paean to community values. But its real theme is the necessity of living in the moment, of seeing every sunrise clearly. In order to emphasise its universality, Cromer’s UK cast talk with a mixture of British accents and his own delivery is brusque and matter a fact.

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"Was it really wise to spend vast sums paying off bank bondholders whose gambles had gone wrong?" he writes. "Was it wise to allow such a sharp increase in child poverty when we know how enormously costly that condition is? Did these policies really make us more fiscally stable?"

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Of all Spall’s work for him, Leigh singles out the 2002 film All or Nothing, in which he plays opposite Lesley Manville; they are a working-class couple, flailing to rekindle their loveless marriage. ‘Those performances are top of my pride list. Tim's is very subtle and profound. It’s all there; it’s emotionally grounded. His contribution to Topsy-Turvy is great. He was great in Secrets and Lies, too, and the thing is, we didn’t know he was developing leukaemia while he was doing it.’

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iPad still can’t read a simple memory stick or SD card. But for a little higher rent on the cloud…. they’ll store all your files for you. Don’t worry, no one will hack into it. Just ask the naked lady on the internet :)

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In a televised briefing on Saturday, Kim said there was a possibility that the death toll from the accident could rise. Of the 11 people treated at hospitals, eight were dealing with life-threatening injuries to the abdomens or lungs, he said.

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While there are plenty of question marks surrounding the Rangers right now, fortunately for the Blueshirts, Rick Nash isn’t one of them. The right wing has been the Rangers’ best player in their up-and-down five-game stretch, scoring six goals, including the decisive tally in their shootout win over Carolina. “When your third shooter (in the shootout) is Nash and he has six goals in however many games we’ve played so far, we are pretty confident,” Brassard said. “He’s hot right now. I’ve known him for a long time and as soon as I saw him in the first practice, I knew he meant business. He’s been really good for us.”

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I am not saying what Hayes did was right. But I am saying, either charge her for illegal activity — if the statute allows — or move on. She's not running for office, and from the looks of it, her past is not hurting the governor. He has a big lead over his GOP challenger and is a blue fish in the blue sea of Oregon.

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"Anyone who gets flu should stay at home, rest, drink plenty of fluids and use over-the-counter flu remedies to ease symptoms. People in high-risk categories should contact their GP if they develop flu symptoms," Dr Corcoran said.

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Arnault faced a backlash in the media two years ago forrequesting Belgian nationality as France prepared to introduce a75 percent supertax. He later withdrew the request, saying itwas not motivated by tax concerns.

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“The Government has squeezed the industry offshore for the last 15 years since oil prices started to rise,” said Mr Tholen. “The industry is frustrated, trying to keep old wells alive and get new stuff off the ground.”

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