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The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit on Fridaysaid a jury in 2012 had wrongly concluded that VeriFoneinfringed the patents of CardSoft Inc because it had relied on ajudge's interpretation of a patent term that was too broad.

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A CDC official said Vinson may already have had Ebola when she flew from Dallas to Ohio to visit relatives. The agency had earlier said Vinson didn't become sick until the morning after she returned to Dallas.

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Opponents who have contributed to defeat the measure include a long list of corporate powerhouses such as Monsanto Co., the leading developer of biotech crops. Other large contributors include PepsiCo Inc.,, Kellogg Co. and Kraft Foods.[KRAFTB.UL]

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While damage was believed to widespread, authorities were unable to immediately get into the streets to assess the full extent, said Sergeant Russann Francis, a staff officer for the fire department in Hamilton, the capital.

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Hong Kong is ruled under a "one country, two systems" formula that allows the thriving capitalist hub wide-ranging autonomy and freedoms and specifies universal suffrage for Hong Kong as an eventual goal.

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Colorado lawmakers have charged a task force with craftingnew rules to require cannabis edibles to be clearly marked andpackaged after hospitals reported an uptick in the number ofchildren treated for ingesting pot-laced candies. (Reporting by Keith Coffman; Editing by Victoria Cavaliere andEric Beech)

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A perv attempted to rape a young woman in a Stuyvesant Town apartment building early Friday — then shimmied down a tree from an upper floor as he made get away when she screamed, authorities said.

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Earlier this year, George Clooney also weighed in on the issue, saying that returning the Marbles to Greece was the "right thing to do". Amal Clooney was circumspect when asked if she would encourage her husband to more actively support the cause.

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Russ Mould of AJ Bell YouInvest, the investment shop, said: “History shows that the FTSE All Share’s performance in the 12 months before a general election tends to be best when the market senses a Conservative victory.

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Many parents struggle with the decision to send their children to boarding school and once there, not all young people enjoy it. So what is it like at boarding school? And is the education there really the best?

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“As we have said in the past, the primary concern is the safety of the hostages and the President was happy to receive the news yesterday that the two German hostages have already been recovered at around 9pm,” she said.

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"We don’t have any operational reporting of ISIL flying jets in support of ISIL activity on the ground and so I cannot confirm that. And to the degree that pilots may have defected and joined the ranks of ISIL, I don’t have any information on that either," he told a Pentagon news briefing.

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