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"This research shows that far more family time is now being spent in front of a screen to the detriment of more healthy pursuits. The survey results put into stark relief the need to address the issue of a sedentary lifestyle from a young age, when healthy habits can be formed, particularly given the importance of cardiovascular fitness," he said.

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The leaked document also said one of Chan's seniorofficials, Bruce Aylward, had warned her by email that some ofthe WHO's partners felt it was "compromising rather than aiding"the Ebola response and that "none of the news about WHO'sperformance is good."

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Most revealingly, Planned Parenthood put out a release praising Cuomo’s selection of Albany Appellate Division Justice Leslie Stein — before the governor’s office announced his decision. Cuomo delayed making his choice on the ground that he did not want to politicize it during the election campaign. Unfortunately, he did just that.

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Spotting any symptoms early is a key factor in helping halt the spread of Ebola. Eight people have died in Nigeria of the virus, but health authorities in the country say they have successfully contained it. Here a teacher shows students how to effectively clean their hands.

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Moreover some regional authorities, furious at more than 6 billion euros of cuts in their funding, have warned they will hike local taxes in response, offsetting part of the budget's cut in income tax.

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In almost every way, Google has become a victim of its own success. Regulators are challenging its dominant market share in search. Analysts bemoan the fact that the explosive growth in smartphones, where ads are less expensive, has eroded Google’s average ad price.

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Randhawa battled to a 68 while overnight leader Ernie Els of South Africa registered a disappointing 71 in a rollercoaster round to slip to tied sixth place alongside four other players, including the Indian.

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Frieden told the hearing, "I will tell you, as director of the CDC, one of the things I fear about Ebola is that it could spread more widely in Africa. If that were to happen, it could become a threat to our health system and the healthcare we give for a long time to come."

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"John Stones was the last signing at Everton before we went. Ross Barkley was already in there but there is a group of good English players coming through and that it is the right way to go.

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"Symbolically, isolating the country sends a message toLiberians that they are being abandoned ... A travel ban wouldalso undermine the United States' position as the global leaderin the war on Ebola."

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In Belgium the fear of Ebola is also taking hold. It remains the only country which operates flights to West Africa’s three worst affected countries and has yet to begin passenger screenings. The Health Minister nominated an Ebola tsar to deal with airport workers’ concerns.

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However over the years it fell into a state of disrepair and architects Haworth Tompkins were tasked with designing a new theatre as part of a nine-year 27m rebuilding project, retaining its theme of being a "theatre for the people".

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The no-nonsense former Manhattan federal judge tasked with arbitrating running back Ray Rice’s appeal of his indefinite suspension is expected to decide by early next week whether NFL commissioner Roger Goodell will testify during the hearing, a source told the Associated Press on Thursday.

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The race between Bera and Republican Doug Ose, a former congressman, has attracted more than $4 million from outside interest groups. The margin of victory in November is expected to be razor thin, so even a small-scale revolt from within a single ethnic community could help tilt the election.

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Our enthusiasm can be slightly contagious I think, and it sometimes feels like design has sort of become part of our DNA, but everyone in the family has been incredibly supportive of me and encouraging and it's lovely.

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