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There are some quite serious things happening in the country and in the world — things our elected officials are, or should be, addressing. So can we please stop with the silly questions to candidates or potential candidates?

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Indeed, after a great pitcher’s duel between Madison Bumgarner and Adam Wainwright essentially resulted in a draw, after the longball fireworks that accounted for five home runs from both teams, including a game-tying pinch-hit shot in the bottom of the eighth by the Giants’ Mike Morse, the game came down to bullpens and manager strategy.

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Hurricanes are categorized from 1 to 5 by sustained wind speeds according to the Saffir-Simpson Scale. For example, Category 1 storms have sustained winds between 74 and 95 miles per hour. At the opposite end of the scale Category 5 storms have sustained winds of 157 miles per hour or higher.

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The protesters, led by a restive generation of students, have been demanding China's Communist Party rulers live up to constitutional promises to grant full democracy to the former British colony which returned to Chinese rule in 1997.

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The uncertainty over ownership has not been helpful for them. New owners may be willing to invest in upgrading Aberdeen's facilities, while helping Glasgow compete more effectively with both Edinburgh, its new rival, as well as the beleaguered Prestwick. But then, those investors will also want a return on their billion pounds.

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There are some smart lines, some shafts of insight, a good performance from Lumsden and a terrific, moving one from David Walmsley as George Gibbs, who knows both great joy and great sorrow. Otherwise, Our Town lies as flat on the Almeida stage as one of Mrs Gibbs’s breakfast pancakes.

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Nashville was the site of the Women's Final Four in April and is a finalist to host again between 2017 and 2020 at Bridgestone Arena, home of the Predators since their inaugural season in 1998-99. The arena also is to host the Southeastern Conference men's basketball tournament nine of the next 10 years starting in March.

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The deepest cuts hit the sales and marketing departments, we’re told, where some workers were let go while others were moved to the Meredith Corporation, which will handle unspecified aspects of MSLO’s marketing assignments.

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I continue to believe that we are in a bull market. Five years after markets bottomed out in 2009, the rally is clearly ageing but it is not done yet. The best analogy is not the last bull market between 2003 and 2007, which was led by emerging markets and commodity producers but the previous one in the 1990s. The mature phase of that US-led rally was marked by volatility but also by strong gains. Stick with it.

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The protesters have threatened to seize all 81 municipal offices in Guerrero to pressure authorities to find the students. They took over a fifth town hall on Friday while Acapulco's government closed its offices as a precaution.

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The protesters, led by a restive generation of students,have been demanding China's Communist Party rulers live up toconstitutional promises to grant full democracy to the formerBritish colony which returned to Chinese rule in 1997.