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This ebola crisis may prove to be Obama’s “Katrina moment” and Thomas Friedan, head of the CDC, may be Obama’s “Brownie” (Bush’s head of FEMA during Katrina, of whom Bush said “You’re doing a great job, Brownie.”)

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“I'm a bit of a humorist and when the first wave of Ebola hysteria hit the news I mocked this purse up as a ”what will be hot’ this season,” he tells U.S. News. “Ebola definitely has the ”it’ factor for scary disease. It comes from scary dark Africa, monkeys are involved and blood comes out of your eyes. Only an actual zombie outbreak could be ”hotter.’”

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"There has been a widespread view that Neanderthals and earlier humans were reliant on thrusting spears, used for dangerous close-range confrontational hunting, and that only modern humans perfected launched projectiles - that view could now be questioned."

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The word 'fraternal' in a passage that called for the need to find "a fraternal space" for homosexuals in the Church was deleted without explanation in the English translation of the original Italian.

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Note: If you have a major nail concerns, you may want to consider a biotin supplement. A daily dose of 2.5 milligrams may strengthen brittle nails, says a Journal of Drugs in Dermatology review, and that's too much to get from food (you'd need to eat over 300 eggs, in fact).

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Not a premiere, catwalk, swanky event or a casual Tuesday at Chiltern Firehouse seems to go by without at least one of them present. In this case, it's Suki that's repping for her stylish gang and she's doing an excellent job indeed, having shown up wearing a metallic Lanvin dress from the Autumn/Winter '10 collection paired with a pink glittery clutch from Jimmy Choo and a vintage leather jacket.

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In his view, European couples prefer more "natural looking" pictures, whereas his Chinese clients prefer what he describes as a "natural, plus post-production" style. For Tao this means not only changing the colour on some photos, but digitally removing "clutter" from the background, such as litter on the ground or people who have wandered into the frame.

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Same-sex couples in the state began getting married right away. In Phoenix, Kevin Patterson and David Larance rushed to a county clerk's office after the decision and were swiftly married in a ceremony just outside the building.

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With nothing to gain and everything to lose under the new Tudor regime, so far from regarding their late king as a tyrant or murderer, the city of York publicly mourned “our good King Richard piteously slain and murdered, to the great heaviness of this city”.

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