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Federal regulations prohibit the operation of drones below 1,000 or 1,500 feet above whale populations, unless a special permit is obtained. Investigators who took these photos obtained the special dispensation prior to flying the hexacopter.

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It’s always surprising the power of switching out a shot can have beyond what you think. You know, a 10 second shot of somebody reacting to something and you change it and it just transforms the energy from there forward.

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Ultimately though, health services are most effective in countries with a large tax base, which is not the case in Liberia or Sierra Leone, or where there is a political will to invest, like Cuba, Costa Rica and Sri Lanka, she adds.

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Starting in 2001, engineers at the plant identified a range of problems, including faulty welding and rust, that they said could have caused inflators to fail, according to records kept as part of an effort to track and manage defects. In 2002, the plant recorded 60 to 80 defects for every million inflators shipped to automakers - six to eight times above Takata's quality control limit, according to an internal presentation.

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The White House also said it would send senior personnel toDallas to help federal, state and local officials there tryingto identify and monitor people who came in contact with threepeople who caught the disease.

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