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The euro was last down 0.36 percent against thedollar at $1.2761, up from a session low of $1.2745. The dollarwas up 0.52 percent against the yen at 106.87 yen afterearlier hitting a session high of 106.89 yen.

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He said: “It’s quite common for us, of course, to pay for people from Wales to pay for particular medical procedures in England, because that’s where the centres of specialisation are. No-one is suggesting that the Welsh NHS should be entirely self-contained and that nobody should get treatment elsewhere.

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Mr Grisham, who attended the University of Missippi Law School with Mr Holleman, sparked outrage after suggesting those who look at paedophilic images on the internet should not receive hefty prison sentences.

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The majority of flows into equity strategies over the last fourteen months have been into long-short equity and event driven strategies, which received $55.5 billion and $49.8 billion, respectively, according to research firm eVestment's September and third quarter report.

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A report by the Commons committee also called for a “full, transparent and urgent” investigation into the Rotherham case, amid public concern that there may have been a “deliberate cover up”.

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Police used batons and pepper spray against protesters shielding themselves with umbrellas on a normally busy main road in the bustling Mongkok district, but were forced into a partial retreat as the sun began to rise, to cheers from the crowd.

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"My voters ask me: tell me what's actually happening with the NSA," said Green party lawmaker Hans-Christian Stroebele. "I need to be able to say I've done everything possible to find out. But I can't because the files held by the German government aren't being handed over."

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Billionaires José Luis Cutrale and Joseph Safra, who teamed up for the Chiquita bid in August, are not keen to raise their bid and instead want shareholders to help them get the job done, BB&T Capital Markets analyst Brett Hundley said. Merrion Capital Group is among investors saying that a Chiquita-Fyffes merger makes more sense than a sale to Cutrale-Safra in current terms.

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European leaders who joined Russian leader Vladimir Putin and Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko at a meeting over breakfast said they agreed to pursue deals on enforcing a cease-fire, border controls and elections. But details on implementation still needed to be hammered out.

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But there has been no broader backlash. In fact one poll published this week revealed that most Russians believe sanctions can actually boost the economy; two in five told the Levada Centre they would accept an even bigger ban on foreign imports if necessary.

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In a commentary for Nature Climate Change, Dr Gregory Johnson and Dr John Lyman, both from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration in Seattle, US, said the results pointed to a crucial gap in ocean measurements.

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“Then a human says “this character in that scene is wearing a dark grey cardigan”. The computers scroll the database of the characters possible clothes and brands and offers a selection to the human who can then select the right piece of clothing.

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"The greatest threat to public confidence in elections in this case is the prospect of enforcing a purposefully discriminatory law, one that likely imposes an unconstitutional poll tax and risks denying the right to vote to hundreds of thousands of eligible voters," Ginsburg wrote in dissent.

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After her appointment, Obuchi was given the tough task oftrying to gain public trust for the government's unpopularpolicy of restarting nuclear reactors following the 2011Fukushima atomic disaster.

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Abe had hoped the telegenic Obuchi would be able to ease opposition to nuclear power, but the controversy around her could hinder the government's plan for restarting the reactors, according to some political analysts.

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The industry has depended on growth promoters known asbeta-agonists for extra tonnage to counter the smallest U.S.cattle herd in 63 years. But these largely pack on muscle, notthe tastier fat which produces "marbling" and helps push thecarcass into the U.S. government's top quality "choice"category.

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MassMutual, formally known as Massachusetts Mutual Life Insurance Co, is owned by policyholders and manages $147 billion in assets in its retirement business. It has used the brand RetireSmart for its mutual fund and retirement planning services for eight years, the lawsuit said. The company also has a website under the same mark.

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