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The proposal is Energy Future's second attempt to reorganize. An earlier plan that would have ceded the Oncor stake to Energy Future's unsecured creditors unraveled when NextEra Energy presented an unsolicited proposal worth about $2 billion.

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Which means that Inherent Vice and Foxcatcher will both leave those seven categories empty-handed. The films’ supporters, including me, will be outraged. “It’s The Wolf of Wall Street, American Hustle, Inside Llewyn Davis, The Master, Moneyball and The Social Network all over again,” we’ll grouse, and we’ll be right.

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Abe had hoped the telegenic Obuchi would be able to easeopposition to nuclear power, but the controversy around hercould hinder the government's plan for restarting the reactors,according to some political analysts.

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Passage of the hurricane's eye provided a lull of an hour ortwo during which the skies cleared, the rain and winds ceasedand an utter stillness prevailed, broken only by the whistlingof tree frogs.

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The move followed an uptick in violence in the area amid Palestinian claims that Israel is unilaterally widening access around the entrance to the site to accommodate larger numbers of Jewish worshippers.

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During its blitz, the Islamic State group is known to have seized fighter jets from at least one air base it captured from the Syrian army in the eastern Raqqa province earlier this year. Militant websites had posted pictures of IS fighters posing next to the fighter jets, but it was unclear if they were operational.

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"It'd be great to see networks, rail operators and station-masters taking the lead on improving connectivity for commuters - rather than having to be dragged into the 21st Century kicking and screaming."

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Obuchi told people close to Abe on Friday of her plan to take responsibility for the furore, the Nikkei said, without citing any sources for its report. "I am investigating (the funding issue) but I think there is no convincing explanation," the business daily quoted her as saying.

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Anti-austerity protesters are unlikely to be impressed with a 0.2 percent easing in the EU budget deficit target. It may be the first time the Portuguese have deviated from the bailout plan, but few think it will put extra euros in their pockets.

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Parent company Trump Entertainment Resorts Inc has said trimming $14.6 million from its annual union pension and healthcare costs is key to save the casino from becoming the fifth to close this year in the seaside resort.

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Nadal Power, however, said eliminating the debt with the GDBand increasing crude oil and petroleum taxes again are beingconsidered by lawmakers to make the PRHTA a stronger entitywithout the need to restructure its debt.

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