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CUNY represents the best value in U.S. higher education. In an unforgiving economy where every dollar counts, the University’s cost of attendance is the exception to the sticker-shock tuition prevalent today. CUNY costs a fraction of what students pay at private institutions, and it beats most public universities, too.

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Estimates suggest around three-quarters of US states have a feral pig problem, and that number is growing. The wild pigs are estimated to cause $1.5bn (933m) in damages each year, and the US Department of Agriculture says there are currently more than five million of them. The hogs also carry diseases that can be transmitted to other animals and humans.

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Blood from people cured of Ebola is thought to contain special antibodies that can neutralize the virus in those afflicted. But using blood from people who don't even fall ill may provide a quicker way of treating people.

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Another serial collaborator is Tumi Molekane, a South African poet and rapper, whose association with Tiago Correia Paulo, the progressive Mozambican guitarist, was the nucleus of the acclaimed Tumi & The Volume, the influential, pioneering hip-hop ensemble.

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People have up to 10 million bacteria between their fingertips and elbows and the number of germs on your fingertips doubles after you use the toilet. Millions of germs also hide under rings, bracelets and watches.

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Keith Moon’s chauffeur tells Blake that in the 21st century, the drummer “would have been diagnosed with ADHD. They would have spotted that something wasn’t right.” But in Fifties Wembley the erratic, exhibitionist behaviour of The Who’s most handsome member was chalked up to stupidity.

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“The problem with Ebola is that it is not over until the last patient is either dead or has recovered,” Prof Piot says. “Actually, I thought this outbreak was dying out in May, in Guinea. Then a famous woman, a traditional healer, died, and at her funeral hundreds of people touched the body. Then there was this explosion in three countries.”

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Patients can earn Starbucks and Amazon gift cards, cookbooks and donations to their favorite charities, among other prizes, which pharmaceutical companies pay for, when they respond to the app's daily text or email asking if they've taken their dose.

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Thirteen years in the making, the museum is the brainchildof Bernard Arnault, the chief executive and founder of LVMH. France's richest man envisioned a bold new piece ofarchitecture in the capital that would tie the world's largestluxury group with the cutting edge of art and design.

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“It’s just weird that for some people art is a luxury,” he tells the magazine. “My parents had no artistic outlet. Some people pass down music to their kids, but I couldn’t tell you what my mom’s or dad’s favorite song is. So when I started going out into the world, I was drawn to people who knew about movies, art, even fashion. I went to New York and did the whole modeling thing, and I just learned everything I could from anybody who knew something I didn’t.”

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President Obama has been busy preparing the American people for a potentially years-long campaign against the Islamic State in recent weeks. It is increasingly likely this is a challenge he will hand off to the next administration in 2017, but it is unclear whether America’s aging air assets, particularly those in the U.S. Air Force, are up for another mission with no clear end state in sight.

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The Seahawks, who paid Harvin more than $18 million, never got a fair return on their investment. He missed much of the 2013 regular season after undergoing hip surgery. His kickoff return for a touchdown to start the second half of Seattle’s Super Bowl XLVIII rout was the highlight of his career, but he has only 225 total yards of offense this season. Harvin had 100 total yards in the season opener before becoming an afterthought in Seattle’s offense. He had six touches for minus-1 yard in a loss to the Cowboys last week.

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Australian biotech firm CSL Ltd said it was workingon a plasma product to treat Ebola following a request from theBill & Melinda Gates Foundation, part of a growing commercialresponse to the outbreak.

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The latter, which he says covers most of the population, never caught up with big cities plugged into a global market for jobs and investment. Instead, the largely white, working class inhabitants -- former mine and factory workers many of them -- of small- and mid-sized towns, suburbs and rural areas have seen their jobs and livelihoods steadily eroded, to the point where they no longer share political ideas with their big city peers.

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A perennial complaint about the patent office has been its backlog. In December 2011, the unexamined backlog was almost 722,000 patents. It was down to 605,646 in September, the most recent patent office data show.

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The experts' key objection is that a travel ban could prevent needed medical supplies, food and health care workers from reaching Liberia, Sierra Leone and Guinea, the nations where the epidemic is at its worst. Without that aid, the deadly virus might spread to wider areas of Africa, making it even more of a threat to the U.S. and the world, experts say.

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The company's third major round of job cuts since 2011 comes a week after AMD said Chief Executive Officer Rory Read had been replaced by Chief Operating Officer Lisa Su, an unexpected move that sparked speculation about fresh troubles at the chipmaker.

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