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A: I've spoken to advisers of (Socialist President) Hollande who had read the book. What they said was that if we don't start to move in your direction, to deal with these issues politically, then the left is going to die. The problem is: how does the left talk to the working class? When I talk to people in peripheral France about their problems, they talk about employment, Europe, Brussels, globalization, immigration. But those who guard the temple doors on the left don't want to talk about immigration...

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In addition, the government will apply the security chips and personal identification numbers, called PINS, that replace signatures to all existing and newly issued government credit cards, Obama said. Payment terminals at federal government facilities will be equipped to handle cards with the new technology.

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Since Operation Inherent Resolve began, nearly three quarters of all sorties over Iraq and Syria have been performed by the Air Force. This is the same branch that currently has one in four aircraft out of service at any given time due to old age.

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One major trend Sierra is talking about is the overwhelming shift from desktop to mobile, and numerous technology companies have capitalized on the trend by launching their own mobile messaging apps, such as Google's Hangouts, Facebook's Messenger and Apple's Facetime, well ahead of Microsoft's Skype Qik. Microsoft is also jumping on the ephemerality bandwagon, a Snapchat-popularized trend and other companies, notably Facebook, seem to be keen on catching up with.

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We’ll see about that. Except for a couple of brief hot streaks, Flores didn’t offer a lot of proof that he can be an impact hitter in the majors, but it seems clear that the Mets don’t want to part with any of their young pitching in pursuit of a trade for Starlin Castro or even a defensive whiz such as the Diamondbacks’ Didi Gregorius.

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The nation last month suffered its worst volcanic disaster in nearly 90 years when Mount Ontake, its second tallest active volcano at 3,067 meters (10,062 feet), suddenly erupted, raining down ash and stone on hikers crowding the summit.

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"There may be a bold but practical breakthrough in judicial power reforms that will put judicial departments under the supervision and management of a central agency instead of regional ones," Sun Xiaoxia, a law expert at Fudan University says.

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Given those concerns and the fact that two nurses got Ebola at the hospital, the CDC "very soon" will put out new guidelines on putting on and taking off protective gowns, masks, gloves and other gear, CDC spokeswoman Barbara Reynolds said.

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“Our future developments are more series. Technically we could do all series and shows but we don’t have enough people to follow up for the moment. The costs for adding series are very low so it is just a matter of scaling. We can add them quickly.

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The cop who fatally shot unarmed teen Michael Brown — setting off a wave of protests in Ferguson, Mo.— told investigators he feared for his life when he pulled the trigger, it was reported Friday.

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Forecasters had anticipated that Gonzalo would follow Fabian’s general path and cause similar damage to Bermuda, which lies about 850 miles (1,400 kilometers) off the U.S. East Coast.. Marlie Powell, the owner of Kingston House Bed & Breakfast, said in a phone interview that she was still recovering from Tropical Storm Fay when Gonzalo hit. She said Fay toppled two large trees on her property.

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Dolpa district is next to Manang and Mustang districts in the popular Annapurna mountain range trekking trail where most of the foreign trekkers and Nepalese guides and villagers were killed this week. Among the dead were Canadians, Indians, Israelis, Slovaks and Poles.

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On a positivenote, M.T. is an excellent saver. He also appears to be coachable and willing totake the steps required to improve his investment results. Ultimately, I’mconfident he’ll reach his goals, but only if he focuses on addressing the shortcomings of hiscurrent portfolio.

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The head of the prison service Zach Modise told the court on Thursday that Pistorius would be committed to the hospital wing of one of South Africa's toughest prisons if he is sentenced to jail term.

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David: Movie are made in post. We shot like 1.3 million feet. And there’s probably only a handful of shots on set where I was like, “OK. That’s in the movie. That’s in the movie. I know that’s in the movie.” There’s a handful of those. And even in post that’s in doubt. Everything is in doubt.

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