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Afterward, Adams lamented the second play, not so much the throw as much as his failure to look the runner on third back after he stepped on first. It wasn’t until Adams threw to second, in fact, that Brandon Crawford broke from third.

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"Thank you to everyone who has shown me so much love during this time," he said in a Twitter post that ended on Instagram. "I'll be back in no time and stronger than ever I've always been one to overcome adversity, so to everyone out there who is going through a minor set back don't give up Use this time to be better and push yourself to do things you've never done before.”

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U.S-led forces are bombing Islamic State bases in Syria and Iraq. The group has regularly used weaponry captured from the Syrian and Iraqi armies and has overrun several military bases but, if the report is confirmed, this would be the first time it has been able to pilot warplanes.

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“We had a lot of guys that stepped up,” Cain said. “We have to continue to play that way if we want to win it all. We’re going to enjoy this as long as possible, but we’re definitely not done yet.”

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For this to occur, a lot of amazing things had to happen. Political scientists use [something] called the powder keg model. And what that means is that, to get an explosion, you need both a powder keg and a spark, and you need to understand both. My book is about the catalysts, about the people who all played important roles in the opening of the wall on the night of Nov. 9, 1989.

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Orca whales are being recorded through the use of a robotic aerial drone, offering a new glimpse into the life cycles of the aquatic creatures. Killer whales are found in oceans throughout the world. Males can weigh up to 22,000 pounds, and females usually top out around 16,500 pounds.

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New Delhi/Chennai: The All India Anna Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam(AIADMK) carders on Saturday evening gave a warm welcome to their chief J Jayalalithaa soon after she arrived in Chennai after spending 21 days in the Bangalore Central Jail. The Supreme Court had granted bail to the former Tamil Nadu chief minister yesterday.

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CardSoft's patents referred to a "virtual machine" used tooperate payment software. The appeals panel said, however, thedistrict judge's interpretation did not reflect the "ordinaryand customary meaning" of the term.

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Kenseth and Keselowski have now tangled three times this season, and Kenseth felt "everybody has their breaking point." He was nearly wrecked Saturday as Keselowski blocked his attempted pass for the lead at Charlotte, and admitted he swerved at Keselowski under caution with six laps remaining.

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On Thursday, Prime Minister Chung Hong-won tried to reassurethe public about online privacy, saying the government wouldonly seek monitoring rights in special circumstances, such aninvestigation of murder, human trafficking or insurrection.

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Economists urge the government to overhaul restrictivelabour regulations to attract more investment, slash the bloatedcivil service and clamp down on corruption by governmentofficials to free up funds for productive sectors of theeconomy. But they expect little progress on this from Nene inhis budget.

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The operation in Colombia lasted for several months, with the goal of tracking down sex trafficker Marcus Bronschilde in order to rescue the young girls being sold as sex slaves. Their efforts were recorded by a hidden camera for a documentary film called “The Abolitionists.”

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It also raised the low end of its full-year forecast rangefor both profit and revenue, and said it is looking foracquisitions after having bulked up its ability to evaluate andfund deals of various sizes.

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“Amber became a tremendous soldier,” said Glenn, describing what her family told him. “She said, ”No, Mommy, you cannot touch me.’ She put up all the defenses to not let her family be exposed and possibly get sick.”

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“This is us validating them and thanking them for the work that they did. But it’s pretty unbelievable to know that there are men in their eighties or nineties right now that are still haunted by those memories of war in order to keep our freedom,” says US actor Michael Pea, who co-stars in the movie.

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SANTA ANA, Calif. (AP) — An attorney was sentenced Friday to six months in jail after authorities said he tried to frame a school volunteer by planting pot and painkillers in her car because she slighted his 6-year-old young son.

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“The Burning Bed,” in which the late Farrah Fawcett escaped an abusive man by setting his bed on fire with him in it, has become a figurative template for many Lifetime movies, which doesn’t mean they all end that way.

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-- Japanese trucks maker Hino Motors Ltd, which is a unit ofToyota Motors Corp, Indonesian car distributor Indomobil andJapanese trading house Sumitomoto Corp to set up ajoint venture in Indonesia (notified Oct. 10/deadline Nov.14/simplified)

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