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Investors, led by a global private-equity firm and twodomestic funds, placed bids equal to more than five times thenumber of shares available, said the first source, who declinedto be identified since the deal is in the works. The secondsource indicated that Ouro Fino could price the deal "around thehigh-end of the range," near 27 reais.

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To confuse matters further, Rosetta’s observations indicate that 67P has characteristics of an asteroid. The comet, for example, isn’t covered in surface ice. Instead, its water appears to be stored deeper within its core.

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Does the progress that appears to have been made so far, for example - concessions by the Iranians on the future of the Fordow enrichment facility and the Arak heavy-water reactor - merit some further relief on sanctions?

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"It's predicated on a tax structure that the evidence willdemonstrate doesn't maximize value and doesn't maximize creditorrecoveries," said Edward Weisfelner, a Brown Rudnick attorney. He represents junior creditors the company has said areunlikely to get repaid.

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"It beggars belief that in the depths of a financial crisis the government should embark on spending such a large amount. I think it's the wrong decision, at the wrong time and in the wrong place."

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We’ve already seen Matt Williams basically cost the Nationals their division series against the Giants with his rigid, formulaic pitching decisions, and now Matheny has Cardinals fans screaming about his thinking in using Wacha in Game 5 on Thursday. In doing so he bypassed the opportunity to use his lefty specialist, Randy Choate, when the Giants had switch-hitter Pablo Sandoval (weaker as a righthander) and then lefty hitters, Brandon Belt and Ishikawa, coming to the plate in the ninth.

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“There is a possibility, I would never say there is no possibility, but I am 100 percent positive that we can deal with any possibility of anybody getting Ebola. I'm more worried about other endemic diseases in Sierra Leone than I am of someone actually catching Ebola,” said Capt. Dan Fothergill, chief medical officer, RFA Argus.

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It's obvious that real thought has gone into what Corrado N would have amassed in his lifetime. So there are piles of old brown-covered Penguin Classics in English - but they're from the 1950s because that's when he would have bought them. There are plentiful ashtrays too.

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"The vaccine reduces infection and associated illnesses and hospitalisation. Flu is very infectious and can cause potentially serious illnesses especially for older people, those who have a chronic illness, those with weakened immune systems and pregnant women," noted the head of the HSE's National Immunisation Office, Dr Brenda Corcoran.

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"The main reason why Bollore could want to take control ofHavas is that the group becomes a growing part of his empire andthat circulation of cash flow is not ideal...Owning all or mostof Havas would improve this," said Exane BNP analyst CharlesBedouelle.

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The subpoenas were issued in a response to a lawsuit filed related to HERO, also known as the “Bathroom Bill.” Religious groups were opposed to a provision of the law that would allow men who identify as women to use the restrooms of their choice.

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** Spanish builder ACS Actividades de Construccion yServicios SA said its unit Iridium had agreed to sell80 percent of its holdings in various concessions including aMadrid hospital and a Barcelona metro line for 175.2 millioneuros ($224 million).

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The White House appointments came as Obama faced criticismfrom some lawmakers over his administration's efforts to containthe hemorrhagic virus and as widening Ebola fears kept a U.S.cruise ship out of a Mexican port.

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Putting a loved one into the care of strangers is akin to saying "I give up", "I'm handing you over", "I can't look after you". At least that's what it feels like when you walk out of the door and leave behind the husband you've loved and lived with for decades, or the mum that's lovingly brought you up and tended to your every cut knee and emotional wound.

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One solution is to rely more on women advisors,Lebenthal says.Yet she acknowledges that isn’t easy to do, given the dearthof double X chromosomes in the field. The CertifiedFinancial Planner Board of Standards has evenlaunched an initiative to attract morewomen into the profession after noting they currently make up just 23 percentof CFP professionals.

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