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Preparing docking ports and other amenities for the new vehicles will take up to 10 more spacewalks next year, NASA officials said. Wiseman and Wilmore began the work by relocating a camera support mast, clearing a path for the station’s robotic crane to move a storage module from the Unity to the Tranquility connection nodes next summer.

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"Our track record in understanding the nuances of the region has been poor over the last decade, whether one looks at Iraq in 2003, the disastrous morphing of the mission in Afghanistan in 2006, Libya, or indeed our different positions in the Syrian civil war only recently."

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"If there was someone on an aircraft, this was an already sick person who managed to get on the plane and vomits - this is an appropriate time to park the plane on the tarmac," says Schaffner.

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That’s what makes Miriam so intriguing. We know relatively little about her (on paper: 46, Spanish, Roman Catholic, a successful corporate lawyer) and yet when she does speak it seems absolutely genuine. Rather than an 'act' one gets the sense that, on these rare occasions, we're seeing the real person and not the 'wife'. I just don't believe that she's faking it at all.

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A perv attempted to rape a young woman in a Stuyvesant Town apartment building early Friday — then shimmied down a tree from an upper floor as he made get away when she screamed, authorities said.


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The men, along with two juveniles, are accused of assaulting the boy on Sunday at a party in Hopkinsville, about 75 miles northwest of Nashville, and capturing the incident on video that was shared on cell phones. Authorities said they do not know if the incident was shared online.

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A Metron Analysis survey for Parapolitika newspaper said support for Syriza was running at 32.9 percent against 26.1 percent for New Democracy and 4.7 percent for the Socialist PASOK party, which is in Samaras' coalition government.

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The company's GAAP net income fell 5 percent to $262.7 million, or $1.09 per share, in the third quarter ended Sept. 28 as expenses rose 25 percent from the prior quarter, mainly due to costs related to restructuring and the acquisition of Fusion-io.

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Blood transfusions from survivors are also being tried as a potential therapy. It's thought that this serum may contain particles that could neutralise the virus. This buys the patient time - they would still need their own body to learn how to fight the virus for itself.

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Doctors at the National Institutes of Health in Maryland said that a Dallas nurse, Nina Pham, brought there for Ebola treatment was very tired but resting comfortably Friday in "fair" condition.

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Less than 24 hours after the Jets’ heartbreaking road loss to the Patriots effectively ended their flickering playoff hopes, the risk-averse general manager pulled off a bizarre trade to land multi-purpose threat Percy Harvin from the Seahawks, according to a source.

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Former president Jorge "Tuto" Quiroga, one of those challenging incumbent President Evo Morales in a national vote this week, made an election promise that may, in retrospect, have been unwise. He promised to eat his watch if "six out of 10 Bolivians" voted for Morales.

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