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The mooted deal could re-open Russian gas to Ukraine cut offsince June, and ensure supply to European buyers further westbefore demand surges in the cold months and stocks run down. Itcame as something of a surprise after talks in Milan that theKremlin said were "full of misunderstandings and disagreements".

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Asked if Douglass is walking, Paris said: "I know he has been working with the physical therapist to make strides toward that ultimate goal. Each day, he gets stronger and each day he does more."

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“We feel we can win every game,” Rhule said. “We didn’t play our game. I’m really disappointed in the penalties and turnovers. Credit them. They made the plays they needed to make.”

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The museum traces the evolution of Holmes, from the arrival of the famous deerstalker hat in Sidney Paget's illustrations for the short stories that appeared in the Strand Magazine, to the curved pipe in the theater performances of William Gillette as Holmes.

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The wide receiver is under contract through 2018 and will count $7.1 million against the salary cap this season and $10.5 million next season, according to Spotrac. None of Harvin’s salary is guaranteed beyond this season.

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In a formal letter to the other 26 EU leaders and European Council President Herman Van Rompuy, Prime Minister David Cameron advised that there should be agreement on an "ambitious package of support" at a Brussels summit next week.

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The ECB duly cut interest rates to record lows and unveiled a plan to buy private-sector assets -- covered bonds and asset-backed securities (ABS) -- but Berlin is reluctant to spend more and other governments are taking time with structural reforms.

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Meanwhile, real estate sales have failed to get much traction in recent months. Price growth is slowing, yet the surge in home values through the middle of last year has made affordability a challenge for many would-be buyers. Homebuilders are also feeling slightly less optimistic.

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The lawsuit does not argue that chimpanzees are human, but that they are entitled to the rights of "personhood". It cites research by great ape experts which has established they are "autonomous, self-determined, self-aware, highly intelligent, emotionally complex".

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Magadan has been the Rangers’ hitting coach the last two years and is still under contract for 2015, but Texas gave its coaches permission to listen to other teams because it was in the process of hiring a new manager. Jeff Banister just got the job.

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The Boeing 757's captain decided to turn back an hour into the flight because of a possible blown air duct - but the cabin did not lose pressure and the 184 passengers and six crew members were unhurt.

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"The family can't dismiss that did the police just see Misty as another native and did not respond accordingly as if they would if she was a Caucasian resident," Rector said. "That's the reality of that area. There's still quite a bit of racism."

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Mr Haldane — who stressed that “cricketing statistics are not the sole basis for my views on the appropriate stance for UK monetary policy” — added: “Three months on, it is time to update the batting averages. Ian Bell’s batting average has remained at 45 — the front-foot recovery has remained on track. But over the same period, Joe Root’s [average] has risen to 51. Cricket statisticians and financial markets are agreed. While still a close-run thing, the statistics now appear to favour the back foot. On balance, my judgement on the macro-economy has shifted the same way.”

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The report, released this week, found that one in five such homes had staff shortages. Earlier this week, CQC warned that every dementia sufferer in England can expect to receive unacceptably poor standards of care in hospitals or care homes, in a scathing report.

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The mop analogy is one that Slat has heard often, and it really gets him fired up. "First of all, the 'mop' hasn't been invented yet so it certainly can't do any harm to try," he says. As for focusing solely on prevention, he feels it is an "uninspiring and demotivating message to say 'The best we can do is not make it worse'."

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The food-producing regions of Guinea, Sierra Leone andLiberia in West Africa have been severely affected by the worstoutbreak on record of the viral haemorrhagic fever that haskilled 4,546 across the three countries.

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