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Boko Haram is believed to divided into several factions that loosely cooperate with each other, and it is unclear with which faction the government has been negotiating. It says the talks were held with a formerly unknown militant called Danladi Admadu, who alleges he is the group's "secretary general".

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October has been particularly quiet for buybacks by U.S.companies, with about $1.7 billion in stock repurchasesannounced or completed so far this month, compared with about$250 billion during the first nine months of the year, accordingto Thomson Reuters data.

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Tokyo's Yasukuni Shrine is widely seen as a symbol of Japan's past militarism and visits there by politicians anger China and South Korea, which both suffered under Japanese occupation in the last century and feel Japan has never fully atoned for its actions.

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And then… Liverpool at home. Beaten 3-0. Spurs have won only one of four since and today they go to champions Manchester City. Tottenham have lost 16 of their last 24 matches against the top four sides, and drawn a further five. The least they can do today is make sure their boots are tied up ready for kick off.

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"This conference is also a great opportunity for individuals to meet other people who are and have gone through similar situation. NISIG encourages all people attending to discuss and exchange the stories of their journeys," the organisation said.

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The police will remain remiss in their duties until they start taking online death threats seriously. The fact that the police shrug off the threats is one of the reasons the ids feel so free to terrorize people. Finally, where are the hackers when you need them? I’d like to see their talents put to use exposing the identities of the threat-makers. Let them feel a little terror for once.

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We found at least 20 IS corpses scattered in the dirt. One was still wearing a suicide device, its detonator clearly visible. All that was left of another, whose explosives had gone off, was his head and upper chest.

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"China is going to have the greatest number of outbound tourists. Where do the Chinese go for vacation? I choose Northern Europe for them” it has a very different culture, a beautiful natural landscape, and stable societies," he says.

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SIR – Having just read the letters about waiters saying “Enjoy”, I thought I must tell you that I went into our local cut-price chemists to buy some loo rolls and the young man, as he handed them to me, said, “Enjoy”. I replied: “I’ll try.”

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The euro was last down 0.36 percent against thedollar at $1.2761, up from a session low of $1.2745. The dollarwas up 0.52 percent against the yen at 106.87 yen afterearlier hitting a session high of 106.89 yen.

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He said: “It’s quite common for us, of course, to pay for people from Wales to pay for particular medical procedures in England, because that’s where the centres of specialisation are. No-one is suggesting that the Welsh NHS should be entirely self-contained and that nobody should get treatment elsewhere.

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Mr Grisham, who attended the University of Missippi Law School with Mr Holleman, sparked outrage after suggesting those who look at paedophilic images on the internet should not receive hefty prison sentences.

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