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The FCC's examination would serve as a regulatory backdrop for research into the next generation of wireless technology, sometimes referred to as 5G and which may allow wireless connections to carry a thousand times more traffic.

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"I am a strong proponent of legalized sports wagering in New Jersey.But given earlier decisions by federal courts, it was critical that we follow a correct and appropriate path to curtail new court challenges and expensive litigation," Christie said in a statement. "I believe we have found that path in this bipartisan legislative effort."

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At Saturday's rally in Abuja, many of President Jonathan's supporters wrapped themselves in the white and green of Nigeria's flag and sang and danced under a banner reading "We Love You Goodluck Jonathan. Our support is 100 percent."

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Dr David Baker, editor of Spaceflight, told the BBC: "Space-to-space surveillance is a whole new ball game made possible by a finessed group of sensors and sensor suites, which we think the X-37B may be using to maintain a close watch on China's nascent space station.”

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"The miss was driven by a combination of lower than forecast performance fees in the traditional private equity segment, as well as a higher than anticipated tax rate," Jefferies LLC analysts wrote in a research note.

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Dr Michael Irwin, the former GP nicknamed "Dr Death" for helping several people kill themselves, said the change was a "wonderful softening" that would "make life easier" for people like him.

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"It's predicated on a tax structure that the evidence willdemonstrate doesn't maximize value and doesn't maximize creditorrecoveries," said Edward Weisfelner, a Brown Rudnick attorney. He represents junior creditors the company has said areunlikely to get repaid.

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The operation in Colombia lasted for several months, with the goal of tracking down sex trafficker Marcus Bronschilde in order to rescue the young girls being sold as sex slaves. Their efforts were recorded by a hidden camera for a documentary film called “The Abolitionists.”

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The countries’ Khafji Joint Operations venture startedgradually curtailing output Oct. 16, an internal memo signed bycompany chairman Abdullah al-Helal and obtained by Bloombergshows. The field will resume operations once it’s in compliancewith emissions standards issued by the Saudi Presidency ofMeteorology and Environment, according to the memo.

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It is the extent of that "clear collusion" between the local authorities and the drug cartels, says journalist Marcela Turati, that has provoked the huge protests in Mexico City and elsewhere in the country.

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Melton Times provides news, events and sport features from the Melton area. For the best up to date information relating to Melton and the surrounding areas visit us at Melton Times regularly or bookmark this page.

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US markets had grown solidly throughout 2014, but when October arrived they got a pummelling. America’s blue chip S&P 500 index erased its gains for the year, as concerns over weakening growth in Europe and Asia reached a tipping point. The Dow Jones Industrial Average came close to doing the same, dropping more than 400 points, or 3pc, in a single day.

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Childhood overweight continues to be a major public health problem, but while the role of GPs is seen as important in tackling this issue, it also remains undefined, with many GPs unsure of how to even bring the topic up.

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Police won’t be taking action against the sheep for tucking into their illegal meal, but are determined to catch the “irresponsible” crooks who grew and discarded the class B drug.

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"The jump to the next step is growing quickly for Second Steppers, " said Marc Page, Mortgages Director at Lloyds Bank. "However, as house prices are rising and barriers to the next step are reducing, confidence about selling the first home and being able to move up is increasing. For most regions of the country this is helping people make that jump across the gap to the next rung on the ladder."